Marine Sanitation

Help preserve and protect our waterways.

Vessel discharge: Boaters in the state of Florida are prohibited from discharging any raw sewage into freshwater or within coastal saltwater limits. Coastal limits are 9 nautical miles on the Gulf side and 3 nautical miles on the Atlantic side.

Vessels 26 feet or more, except houseboats and floating structures, may use either a portable or permanent toilet. House boats and floating structures must have permanently installed toilets attached to Type III Marine Sanitation Device or direct line hook-up. Avoid discharge of bilge waste into the water.

Enforcement Officers may board a vessel to inspect Marine Sanitation Devices. To report illegal discharge of raw sewage from a vessel, call the FWC at (888) 404-3922 or the USCG at (239) 463-5754.

Dumping of pollutants: To report illegal dumping of pollutants or large-scale spills of petroleum products or other hazardous materials, call the State Warning Point at (800) 320-0519.

For more information on Florida’s clean vessel act or to find pump out locations look for the sign above at marinas in the area or visit the Florida Clean Marina website.

Abandoned vessels:  Lee County has an active derelict vessel removal program. If you spot what you feel is a derelict or abandoned vessel, please call (239) 533-8109 to report it.

Reference: Florida Statutes 327 Vessel Safety Section 53 Marine Sanitation

Ways to Report Waterways Misconduct

Vessel Discharge

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: (888) 404-3922
United States Coast Guard: (239) 463-5754

Dumping of Pollutants

State Warning Point: (800) 320-0519

Abandoned Vessels

Lee County Division of Natural Resources: (239) 533-8109