Reef Tips

Lee County manages a network of artificial reef sites from Charlotte Harbor to 30 miles offshore. These reefs consist of everyday items like concrete culverts, sunken ships, railroad hopper cars, barges, bridge rubble and cement mixer drums and provide safe haven and food for a wide variety of fishes. Residents and visitors can explore all the splendor of the area’s thriving reef community through safe and responsible boating, diving, fishing and snorkeling. Many reefs’ coordinates are shown on the map.

To ensure the health of Lee County’s precious reef ecosystem, please remember these reef tips:

Look, don’t touch:
Avoid contact with the reef and marine life.

Don’t rest or stand on coral:
Even the slightest contact can damage delicate reef animals.

Maintain buoyancy:
Practice safe diving! Return to the boat to fix any equipment problems.

Secure all equipment:
Don’t allow your equipment to touch any part of the reef.

Keep your distance:
Maintain a comfortable distance from the reef and be sure to avoid shallow areas.

Don’t bother marine life:
Do not disrupt feeding or mating, and never provoke wildlife in its habitat.

Don’t remove the reef:
Do not collect “souvenirs” of the reef.

Do not anchor on top of reefs!

For more information and additional locations on Lee County’s artificial reefs, visit SWFL Reefs